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How to Sell Your Hatchback in the UAE Hassle-free?

Hatchbacks are popular in the UAE market for their practical appeal, functional interior layout, a roomy cargo and great fuel economy. Equipped with state-of the-art drivetrain technologies coupled with superior comfort features, the hatchbacks can be suitable for both car enthusiasts and family car buyers.

New models of hatchbacks are launched everywhere in the UAE, which gives an excellent opportunity for car owners to upgrade their car. Having said that, it is important to consider some essential factors when you are selling your old hatchback. These factors can affect the resale value of your used hatchback and help you in getting a fair price for your car.

The factors that can affect the resale price of used hatchbacks have been discussed below.

How Old Is the Hatchback?

It is no surprise that every car buyer is interested in buying a used car that has a low mileage and is relatively new. The generally believed criteria is that the best time to sell a used car in the UAE is within the first few years of its purchase and this is no different for a hatchback. However, even if the hatchback is slightly used, but well-maintained, you can still get a good price for it.

Your Hatchback’s Overall Condition

It is essential to understand that the way a car is kept and maintained will impact its value. If the condition of your car is worn-out and damaged, it will prevent you from getting a good resale value for your car. Moreover, ensure that your car is inspected by an auto technician before selling so any defects can be identified.

Avoid Unnecessary Car Accessories/Modifications

We understand that for some people, their cars can become an extension of themselves in order to express themselves, however, be mindful that car modifications can markedly reduce the residual value of your used car. Since the general line of thinking is that cars that are subject to modifications are more susceptible to wear and tear, hence, car buyers will not be too keen to purchase your car if it has been overwhelmingly modified.

Consequently, if a hatchback has been modified to improve its performance efficacy, then the genuineness of its car parts may be questioned. In addition, if the car parts have been tempered, then it might result in the cancellation of its warranty. These are some factors that buyers consider when they purchase a used car in the UAE.

Hatchback Spectrum: Model and Type

The range of spectrum that Hatchbacks offer is astounding. From compact to sturdy, hatchbacks come in different sizes and configurations. While some offer roomier cargo space, others are feature-laden with modern-day technologies and advanced safety features.

You would be interested to learn that there are some models of hatchbacks that are always worth your investment as they are received better in the UAE market as compared to others. Some of the most reliable and popular hatchbacks are listed below:

  • Ford Focus
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Nissan Tiida
  • Kia Soul
  • Mercedes-Benz A Class
  • Mini Cooper S CLUBMAN
  • Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Kia Picanto
  • Suzuki Swift

However, you don’t have to worry just yet if your hatchback doesn’t fall into any of the above models. You can still sell your car for a fair price to a specialist car buying company. Specialist car buying companies can buy your car reliably and instantly in the most hassle-free way! And in addition to this, car sellers are offered the actual sale price of the car, which ensures that they get the best price for their vehicle.

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