– Best Alternate to Auctioning Used Cars

Car sellers looking to sell their used cars often face several challenges, especially if they do not have any prior experience. One of the biggest challenges that they may face is getting a fair price for their used vehicles. Although car sellers have several options for selling their vehicles in the UAE market, it is essential to choose an authentic platform as it can have a big impact on the resale price of a used car.  

Some car sellers choose to sell their used cars through an auction, which can lead to a financial compromise. Most auctions, offline or online, are attended by car dealers who aim to purchase vehicles at low prices through these auctions. The car sellers can set a minimum price for the vehicle but as they are not experts in the field, they may underprice it. In that case, they will have to face a loss by selling the used vehicle at a low price. Whereas if they exaggerate the minimum price, they will not receive any bid for their vehicle. With car auctions, there is this limitation that car sellers do not have a chance to negotiate the price of their vehicle and their vehicle is sold to the highest bidder.

Better Alternative to Car Auctions

Car sellers should choose a platform for selling their vehicles where they have a fair chance of getting a good resale price. They can choose a professional car buying service such as to sell their vehicles at a fair price. At, we have a two-step car valuation process that makes it easier for car sellers to know the actual price of their vehicles. On top of that, we also offer a hassle-free process to make it convenient for car sellers to sell a used car at its best price.

Our two-step evaluation includes online valuation and physical inspection of a used vehicle. The car evaluation process is free of charge and car sellers are offered guaranteed purchase of their cars that have been inspected by our experts.

If car sellers choose to accept the final offer at the end of the physical inspection of their vehicles, a sales agreement is quickly signed to complete the car selling process. The payment against a vehicle is made through an electronic bank transfer after its deregistration. Our competent team manages every aspect of the car selling process including the post-sale paperwork. The process is comprehensive, yet any used car can be sold to in just 30 minutes. In this way, car sellers can sell their used vehicles in a 100% hassle-free manner. offers a safer and more flexible car selling process as compared to auctions where the risk of a financial compromise is very high for car sellers.