The Ideal Way to Calculate the Price of your Used Car in the UAE

Determining the right value of a used car can have a positive impact on its resale price. There are various platforms available for evaluating the price of a used car, however, most of these platforms do not provide an authentic estimate for a car’s price. It is therefore essential for car sellers to compare all the available platforms and choose the one with the best reputation among car sellers. Determining the accurate resale price of a used car is a big challenge as several important factors have to be considered. A reliable platform such as can help car sellers in getting the right estimate for the resale value of their cars. At, you can estimate your car’s value without having to pay any fee and can also directly sell your car to us at its best market price.

A Simple and Convenient Process

At, you can evaluate your car to sell at the maximum price in two easy steps. In the first step, a car is evaluated online through the online car valuation tool of the company. This tool has been designed to calculate the potential market price of a vehicle based on the information provided by the car sellers about the key features of the vehicle.

The details about the make, model, condition and age of a vehicle are considered to calculate the potential market price of the used vehicle. After the online evaluation, a vehicle is thoroughly checked by the experts of the company at one of the nationwide branches of During the physical inspection of the vehicle, the experts assess its condition and take a test drive to determine the actual resale price of the vehicle. This guarantees that the sellers are offered a fair and accurate price of their vehicle. 

Why Choose

At, every vehicle is thoroughly inspected by our car experts before a final offer is presented to the seller. If the final offer is accepted by the seller, purchases the vehicle. A sales agreement is immediately signed between a seller and if the seller accepts the offer to sell the used car to the company. The payment against the vehicle is made through electronic bank transfer and all the post-sale paperwork is handled by offers a guaranteed purchase of every car that is evaluated by our car experts. This also includes old, broken, accident-damaged and even totaled cars. Private sales or dealerships pose the biggest risk of not being able to sell an old car at its best price. Some dealers usually do not prefer to buy cars of select brands or cars that are too old. Car sellers do not have to face this problem when selling their vehicles to as the company ensures guaranteed purchase of every car that has been inspected by its experts.