The Best Way to Calculate the Price of a Used Car

Accurately determining the market value of a used car can help you avoid a lot of hassle related to car selling, such as difficulty in finding a serious buyer or incurring a potential financial loss. There are many options available for determining the price of a used vehicle in the UAE. A lot of car owners prefer to calculate their vehicle’s value themselves, by researching through the classifieds for similar listings. While this may give a quick estimate, however, with so many listings, it may be difficult to narrow down a specific value or range. 

Another way to determine the value of a vehicle can be to have it inspected by a car dealer. While dealers are knowledgeable, they are also expert at negotiating a lower value for the vehicle. With dealers, there is always this risk of selling a car at a low price, which is why most car sellers decide against selling their vehicles to dealers.

The actual resale price of a vehicle can be determined effectively by opting for a specialist car buying company. has a professional car valuation procedure that can help in determining the actual resale price of a vehicle without any hassle.

A Comprehensive Two Step Evaluation is the largest car buying company in the UAE that provides car sellers with a professional and comprehensive car buying service. It also offers a professional car valuation service that consists of two steps. In the first step, a vehicle is evaluated online through the online valuation tool of the company. The online valuation provides the initial idea about the potential market price of a used car, however, it should not be considered the final price.

After the online valuation, a car seller can book an appointment for the physical inspection of a vehicle at one of the nationwide branches of the company. During the physical inspection, a vehicle is thoroughly inspected by automotive experts and the final price for the used car is offered to the car sellers.

Sell Your Used Car at a Fair Price with Cars24.Me offers a fair price for every used car, which eliminates the need for lengthy and stressful negotiations. If a car seller agrees and decides to sell the car to the company, a sales agreement is signed right away and the post-sale paperwork is handled by We ensure a guaranteed purchase of every used car that has been inspected by the company, regardless of its make, model and condition. Selling a used car becomes safe, convenient and 100% hassle-free with