The Ideal Way to Determine the Resale Value of Your Car

It is important to know the resale value of a vehicle to sell it for a fair price in the UAE. The abundance of old and new vehicles can make it difficult for sellers to attract serious buyers. However asking a realistic price for your used car can make it easier to find a buyer. The resale price of a used vehicle can be determined through various ways; however, car sellers should compare all the available options to choose the right platform for their vehicle’s evaluation. Among different options available, sellers can choose professional dealerships, classified websites and specialist car buying companies to sell their car in the UAE.

Car sellers have to be careful with dealership as dealers may not offer a fair value for a used car. On the other hand, classified websites typically have so many similar listings that it becomes difficult to draw one point of comparison. If car sellers decide to determine the value of their used cars without any professional help, they may overestimate the resale value  making it difficult to find serious buyers.

Getting the value of a vehicle determined through a professional service will not just help sellers determine a fair and precise value but will also help them avoid financial loss while selling their vehicles. On top of that, most of these specialist cars buying companies do not charge any service fee for evaluating used vehicles. is the most reliable car buying company in the UAE that offers a comprehensive process for value determination of a used car in the UAE.

Get Your Car Professionally Evaluated for Free with

The car selling process starts with a free evaluation of a used vehicle through the company’s online car valuation tool. The online car value calculator only calculates the potential market value of the vehicle based on the information submitted into the car valuation form. After online car valuation, car sellers need to book an appointment and bring their vehicle to a nearby branch of the company for its physical inspection.

A team of experts evaluates the residual value of the vehicle and offers a price to the car seller. If the seller likes the price, they can sell the vehicle to the company, however, if the seller doesn’t want to sell the vehicle at the offered price, they can simply walk out of the process without paying any fees for car valuation and physical inspection.