– Best Alternative to Exporting a Used Car

Do you have a vehicle that has a high mileage, and you are thinking about exporting it to get a fair price? Many sellers believe that they cannot get a fair price for their old car with a high mileage in the UAE used car market. Typically, old cars with mileage over 200,000 kilometers are only considered ideal for exporting. However, exporting the vehicle involves a lot of hassle and car sellers also have to pay a particular fee to export their vehicles. It is essential for car sellers to look for other options that can help them sell their cars locally at a fair price. For this purpose, car sellers can consider contacting a professional car buying company such as Car sellers can sell their old cars with a high mileage locally at a fair price through a stress-free car selling process offered by

How to Sell an Old Car to

When car sellers have an old vehicle, they may consider exporting it as the only option. Car sellers might have to face unnecessary delays and the risk of car scams is also quite high when dealing with foreign dealers. A lot of paperwork is also involved in the process, which can make selling a car extremely frustrating. To avoid such problems, car sellers can make use of a better alternative that can help them locally sell their vehicle at a fair price.

The best option for selling a used car in the UAE is To sell a used car to, car sellers need to complete our two-step evaluation process. The detailed evaluation ensures that car sellers get to know the actual price of their vehicles. To determine the estimated market price of the vehicle, car sellers can use our online car valuation tool.

Following the online valuation, car sellers can book an appointment for the on-site inspection of their vehicles. During the inspection, our auto experts carefully evaluate all the essential factors (make, model, condition, age, mileage, etc.) that can help determine the actual price of a used vehicle. The final price for the used vehicle is offered at the end of the inspection and if it is accepted, a sales agreement is signed to complete the car buying process.

Why is the Best Alternative to Car Export?

Typically, cars that are older than 15 years or have surpassed 200,000 kilometers are considered ideal for export. However, the process of exporting the vehicle through foreign car dealers can be challenging for car sellers. On the other hand, selling a used car to a professional car buying service such as can help get a fair price for it, regardless of the vehicle’s condition or mileage. purchases vehicles of all kinds and brands regardless of their make, mileage, age, or condition. With us, car owners can sell any used car whether they have a Toyota, Lexus, or Nissan.