Best Alternate to Advertisement Platforms for Immediate Car Sale

Car sellers have to face unnecessary delays when selling their cars through advertising platforms. On the other hand, selling a used car can become 100% hassle-free through a professional car buying company such as With, your car will be valuated through a comprehensive evaluation process. The first step of the detailed evaluation process of a used car involves online car valuation, which can be performed using our car valuation tool. The car valuation tool has been designed to calculate the market price of a used vehicle based on the information provided by the seller about the vehicle’s make, model, mileage and age. The online valuation is completed in just a few seconds after which an appointment can be booked for the on-site inspection of the vehicle.

Our Comprehensive Car Evaluation Process

After the online car evaluation, car sellers can book an appointment for a free car inspection. Car sellers can get their vehicles inspected by our car experts at any of the nationwide branches. At the end of a detailed inspection, the final price offer is made to the seller. The final offer by reflects the actual market price of a used vehicle. If the offer is accepted by the seller, the used vehicle is immediately purchased by Car sellers are offered guaranteed purchase of every vehicle that has been inspected by the company.

Why Car Sellers Should Trust a Professional Car Buying Company for Selling their Car?

With classified websites, it takes about 14 days to 6 weeks for the car sellers to sell their vehicles. Additionally, the platform does not provide any purchase guarantee so there is a possibility that a used car might remain unsold even after several months. With, you do not need to worry about any of the above-mentioned problems. We make sure that car sellers can sell their cars in the most convenient and hassle-free manner. The car sellers can immediately sell their cars after the on-site inspection and the payment is made through electronic bank transfer after the deregistration of the vehicle. The entire post-sale paperwork is managed by our team so that car sellers do not have to face any problem while selling their used cars. In this way, makes selling a used car 100% hassle-free for car sellers in the UAE.