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Once the car sellers have received the estimated market price from the online car evaluation tool, they can book an appointment with the company. The appointment is booked for the physical inspection of the vehicle that can be conducted at any of the nationwide branches of The vehicle is thoroughly inspected by the car experts and taken for a test drive. The car sellers are then offered the final price of the vehicle. The final offer reflects the actual market price of the used vehicle. Offers a Guaranteed Purchase of Every Used Car offers car sellers a guaranteed purchase of every car that has been inspected by its experts. It is important to note that all services offered by are completely free and non-obligatory. It means car sellers can decide against selling their cars to us if they do not like the final offer without having to pay us any charges for our services. If the car sellers decide to accept the final offer, a sales agreement is signed immediately. The payment for the used car is made by through an electronic bank transfer. The company manages every important aspect of the car buying process including the post-sale paperwork. Through a specialist car buying company such as, car sellers can sell their vehicles conveniently at a fair price in the UAE.