Get your Used Car Evaluated through a Professional Car Buying Service

While selling used cars, car sellers must get their vehicles evaluated through a professional car buying company. Unless you are an automotive expert, it can be extremely difficult for you to determine the actual price of your used vehicle. The resale value of used vehicles depends on various factors such as the model, make, age, or mileage. The vehicle’s condition, service, and maintenance history will also have an impact on its resale value.

As a car seller, you would want to get the best price for your used car. However, selling a used car can become extremely difficult if you do not choose the right car selling platform. is the leading car buying company in the UAE that makes selling a used car 100% hassle-free. On top of that, we also offer a non-obligatory car valuation service that helps car sellers determine the actual value of their cars in a hassle-free manner. After a detailed evaluation, car sellers can sell their vehicles directly to or they can sell it anywhere else without having to worry about paying us any fee for our car evaluation service. All our advanced car selling services are 100% free for car sellers in the UAE.

How to Get Your Used Vehicle Professionally Evaluated?

Our process of car evaluation starts with determining the potential market price of a used car through our online car valuation tool. Once the estimate has been made through online valuation, car sellers can book an appointment for the physical inspection of their vehicle. The car inspection is conducted by our auto experts and car sellers can choose any of our nationwide branches for their vehicle’s inspection.

Our experts inspect every vehicle thoroughly to determine its actual market price. However, the entire process is completed in just a few minutes after which the final price offer is made to the car sellers. The final price offered by our experts reflects the actual resale value of a car in the used car market.

On accepting the offer, car sellers can sell the car directly to The post-sale paperwork is managed by our team and the payment is made through an electronic bank transfer after the deregistration of the vehicle.