Importance of Choosing the Right Platform for Car Valuation

There are many factors that affect the resale value of your car such as its age, condition, make, model, year and mileage. Car sellers with no prior experience may find it challenging to determine the resale value of their car. This is the reason why car sellers must always choose a professional car evaluation platform to get to know the actual value of their used cars. This can help avoid many problems that can occur as a result of overpricing or underpricing a used car. Choosing a specialist car buying company such as is the best way to evaluate your used car in the UAE. With the company’s online valuation tool, car sellers can estimate the potential market value of their car in just a few minutes.

Fair and Realistic Car Valuation with

The process of car valuation at is divided into two simple steps. The first step is online evaluation where the seller has to provide information about the model, make, condition and mileage of the vehicle to calculate its potential market price within just a few seconds.

Car sellers then book an appointment at one of the branches of where a comprehensive car inspection is conducted by our car experts. Our car experts examine and test drive the vehicle to determine its actual resale value. This is followed by a final offer, which reflects the actual price of the vehicle in the used car market. The car evaluation offered by the company is a no costs and no obligation service, which means that even if the sellers don’t proceed to sell their cars to, they are not obligated to pay anything for the car evaluation service.

The Best Way to Sell Your Car in the UAE

Choosing a professional car buying company is the best way to estimate the resale value of your car. A sales agreement is immediately signed between a seller and if the seller accepts the offer to sell a used car to the company. The payment against the vehicle is made through electronic bank transfer that ensures a transparent process. Car sellers do not have to worry about the post-sale paperwork as it is handled by In this way, a vehicle can be sold in a secure and hassle-free manner to offers an impeccable car buying service that prioritizes the convenience of car sellers above anything else. Any used car, regardless of its age, make, model or condition can be sold to in just 30 minutes. Moreover, the company offers a guaranteed purchase of every car after it has been inspected by the experts of