Best Way to Scrap Your Old Car for Cash in the UAE

Do you have a car that is not road worthy anymore? For most people, the next step would be calling the junkyard, but that is not the only option you have. If you have decided to get rid of your broken car, you need to pay a fee to get the vehicle discarded by a scrapyard. Instead of doing that, you should look for other options that offer a better alternative to scrapping the vehicle. is the leading car buying company where you can sell accident-damaged vehicles. You can sell your used car to at the best market price and avoid scrapping it. evaluates cars in a transparent way regardless of their age, mileage and condition. Therefore, car owners can expect a realistic residual price at which they can sell their cars instead of scrapping them.

The Best Way to Dispose of an Old car

Car sellers can determine the resale value of their damaged vehicle by the online car valuation tool available at The car valuation provides a car value estimate in just a few seconds after you provide the basic car information that includes make, model and mileage of the vehicle.

To move onto the next step, you can book an appointment with our car experts for a physical inspection of the vehicle. A final price is offered after the vehicle is examined thoroughly. It must be noted that the final price will reflect the actual market price of the vehicle. Additionally, if the vehicle has no residual value, a nominal price will be offered. Whether your car is old or damaged, offers a guaranteed purchase of your salvaged vehicle after its detailed inspection by our experts. In addition to this, we manage the entire post-sale paperwork to make your car selling experience 100% hassle-free.

The payment for the vehicle is made through an electronic bank transfer after its deregistration. is the best alternative to expensive car scrapping. We evaluate and buy any vehicle regardless of its age, condition and mileage. Moreover, the best part is that the entire process takes as few as 30 minutes.