– Best Alternative to Scrapping Cars

Did your car get damaged due to an accident, and is no longer fit for the road? Do you think the only place for the vehicle is a scrapyard? If you have decided to dispose of your broken car, you will have to pay a particular fee to get the vehicle discarded by a scrapyard. You should look for other options, which can potentially offer a suitable alternative to scrapping a vehicle. is the leading car buying company in the UAE that also offers its services for selling accident-damaged vehicles. You can avoid scrapping your used car by selling it to at its best market price. The company purchases all types of vehicles regardless of their condition, age, or mileage and evaluates them in a transparent way. We provide car owners with an opportunity to dispose of their scrapped vehicles while getting a realistic resale price for it.

An Ideal Alternative to Disposing of a Damaged Car

The car valuation tool requires basic information about the car including its make, model, and mileage. This information has to be provided by the seller, following which the tool allows the seller to book an appointment for the physical inspection.

Car sellers can then book an appointment with the car experts at the company for a physical inspection of the vehicle. After assessing the vehicle thoroughly, our experts offer the final price to car sellers. The final offer will reflect the actual market price of the vehicle, and if the vehicle has no residual value, a nominal amount will be offered. We offer guaranteed purchase of damaged cars and manage the entire post-sale paperwork to make car selling a hassle-free experience.

The payment against the vehicle is made through an electronic bank transfer after its deregistration. Car sellers can sell their broken car to in just 30 minutes without any hassle. purchases every vehicle regardless of its condition and brand, so whether you own a broken Toyota or Mercedes, it will be fairly evaluated and purchased by the company.