How to Sell a Damaged Car in the UAE?

Do you want to sell your car that was damaged in a serious road accident? You have arrived at the right place as we offer a convenient car buying service to purchase all types of used cars, regardless of their condition or age. Selling a damaged car can sometimes be a better option than getting it repaired as the repairs can cost more than the actual residual value of the vehicle. The actual condition of the vehicle must be evaluated by an expert to ensure that the vehicle can be sold at its best market price. At, we offer a comprehensive evaluation service to determine the actual price of a used vehicle.

Process of Selling a Damaged Car to is the ideal platform for you to get a fair price for your damaged vehicle. Car sellers can sell the damaged vehicles to us directly after a detailed car evaluation process. The estimated market price of a vehicle can be determined through the online car valuation tool that is available on our website. The car valuation tool requires basic information about the damaged car to evaluate its potential market price.

The car seller will be provided with an estimate within a few seconds. After the online evaluation, car sellers can book an appointment for their vehicle’s physical inspection. The inspection can be conducted at any of our nationwide branches. The final price of the vehicle will be given once our experts have thoroughly checked the vehicle. The final offer reflects the actual market price of the vehicle. If the car sellers are satisfied with the offered price, a sales agreement can be signed to complete the purchase process. Our competent team ensures that the entire post-sale paperwork is managed by them to ensure a smooth car selling experience for car sellers. Car sellers receive the payment through electronic bank transfer once their vehicles have been deregistered. The car sellers are offered guaranteed purchase of their car after its detailed inspection by our experts. Our services are 100% free and non-obligatory, which means if you do not like our offer, you can simply decide against selling your car to us and we will not charge any fee for our services.