Sell Scrap Cars at a Fair Price with

Do you have a scrap car that is no longer fit for the road due to its age and vulnerable condition? Such cars maybe damaged due to accidents or lack of proper maintenance. Selling such cars even at a low price can be a serious challenge for car sellers. Many car owners believe that they can only scrap such vehicles because finding a serious buyer for them can be extremely difficult.

 However, even damaged cars can be sold at a realistic price to a specialist car buying company such as Junkyards charge a hefty fee to scrap damaged cars and this option does not benefit car owners in any way. On the other hand, a company like thoroughly inspects every used vehicle and offers the best market price for it in just a few minutes. It is faster, safer and a more beneficial approach to selling a broken car as compared to scrapping it through junkyards.

Why Selling a Damaged Car is Better than Scrapping?

A car that is damaged due to an accident may not be safe for driving. Most car owners consider scrapping the vehicles that have suffered a mechanical failure in a road accident. We, at offer the most suitable alternative to scrapping broken or damaged cars.

We purchase cars of all brands regardless of their condition, age or model. We offer a hassle-free car selling process for buying broken or scrap cars. Even if the vehicle is no longer roadworthy and has an extremely low residual value due to damage or mileage, we offer car sellers a nominal value for it.

Selling a broken vehicle to will help car sellers avoid paying a hefty fee for the vehicle’s disposal and the hassle involved in deregistering the vehicle. We purchase the vehicle quickly after conducting a detailed on-site inspection of the vehicle. The entire post-sale paperwork including the deregistration of the vehicle is managed by our team, which makes the car selling process 100% hassle-free. The payment against the vehicle is made through electronic bank transfer after its deregistration.