The Best Platform to Sell a Used Car in Dubai

Selling a vehicle in Dubai can be difficult for car buyers with no relevant experience. Therefore, it is important to choose the right platform to sell a used car since that can make a massive difference to the resale value and overall car selling experience. For this purpose, there are three options to choose from including classified websites, car dealerships, and specialist car buying companies.

Inexperienced car sellers who decide to sell their cars privately often choose classified websites and car dealers. Classified websites bring in a wide audience but selling a car through these websites makes the sellers vulnerable to frauds and scams. Moreover, the process of finding a serious buyer through classified websites can be time-consuming and it can take several weeks to find a buyer.

Car dealerships, on the other hand, utilize their experience to negotiate with car sellers and can easily trick sellers to sell their vehicles at lower than the market value.

Professional car buying companies, on the other hand, can provide car sellers with the opportunity to sell their vehicles at a fair price. is the UAE’s biggest car buying platform that purchases used cars in 30 minutes, regardless of their make, model, condition or age. The company offers a simple, quick and reliable car buying experience and immediately purchases your vehicle.

Sell Your Car Quickly and Reliably with

The car selling process starts with a free evaluation of the vehicle through the company’s online car valuation tool. The online car valuator only calculates the average market value of the vehicle based on the information submitted into the car valuation form. After online car valuation, car sellers need to book an appointment and bring their vehicle to a nearby branch of the company for its physical inspection.

A team of experts evaluates the residual value of the vehicle and offers a price to the car seller. If the seller likes the price, they can sell the vehicle to the company, however, if the seller doesn’t want to sell the vehicle at the offered price, they are not obligated to pay any fees for car valuation and physical inspection.

If the seller agrees to sell the vehicle, a sales agreement is signed between the company and car owner while our team completes the entire post-sale paperwork. The payment against the value of the vehicle is made through electronic bank transfer. This is how car sellers in the UAE can sell their used vehicles at a fair price.