How to Identify the Right Platform to Sell a Used Car in the UAE?

It is quite tough to sell a vehicle in the UAE market, however, there are several platforms available for selling a used car in the UAE for a fair price. The challenge is to identify the right platform that will provide a reliable and transparent car selling service. Sellers can choose classified websites, dealerships and specialist car buying companies to sell their cars.

Attempting to sell your old car through a classified website may be a wasted effort since they don’t offer a guaranteed purchase of the vehicle. Moreover, such websites also do not verify the identity of the users, which may encourage fraudsters to approach vulnerable sellers. On the other hand, selling a car to dealerships can result in a financial loss as dealerships are known for offering low prices for used cars.

In such a scenario, the most effective and reliable way to sell a car in the UAE is through a well-reputed specialist car buying company. is a professional car buying company that offers a guaranteed purchase of every vehicle, regardless of its age, model or condition.

Zero-obligation and Free Car Valuation makes the process of selling any used car in the UAE absolutely hassle-free. Sellers need to visit the website of and fill an online car valuation form. They need to submit information about their vehicle’s age, make, model and condition in the car valuation tool. After processing the available information, the car value calculator provides an initial estimate for the market value of the vehicle. After the initial car valuation, sellers need to book an appointment for physical inspection of the vehicle at one of the nationwide branches of the company.

 On the given day, sellers need to bring their vehicle to’s branch where a team of experts evaluates the residual value of the vehicle and offers the best possible price for it. If the seller likes the price, they can sell the vehicle to, however, if the offered price is not close to their expectation, they can simply walk out of the process without paying any fees for car valuation and physical inspection.

If the deal is successful, a sales agreement is signed between the company and car owner while our team completes the post-sale paperwork. The payment for the vehicle is made through electronic bank transfer. In this way, sellers can sell their car to in a simple and hassle-free manner.