The Best Way to Sell your Used Vehicle in the UAE

Figuring out how to sell your old vehicle can be a challenging task if you are a first-time car seller. There are many ways to sell your used car such as car dealerships, classified websites and specialist car buying companies. However, with car dealerships, the sellers may end up selling their used car at a financial loss. Dealers can easily trick car sellers into selling their vehicles at a low price, thanks to their exceptional negotiation skills. On the other hand, selling a used car through classified websites can be time-consuming. These websites do not offer a guaranteed purchase and car sellers may have to wait for several weeks to find a serious buyer.

With the help of a specialist car buying company such as, you can sell your old car without any hassle. If you are looking to upgrade your car and finding a platform to sell your old car quickly at a fair price, you have arrived at the right place. inspects your vehicles free of charge and offers a fair resale price. Not only that, but our competent team also manages the entire post-sale paperwork to make the car selling process as smooth as possible.

Sell your Used Car Conveniently with

If you are looking to sell your car at a fair price without any hassle, you can opt for a professional car buying company such as Whether you have a used Mercedes-Benz or a Toyota, we buy all used cars regardless of their make or models.

To sell your used vehicles to, you need to enter your basic car details that include make, model and year into our online car evaluation tool. Our instant online evaluation tool provides an estimate for the potential market value of your car in just a few seconds. Once the online estimation is done, the seller can book an appointment for on-site inspection of the vehicle. After the inspection, the sellers are offered a final price that reflects the true market price of the used vehicle. The final offer is non-obligatory so if the sellers are not satisfied with the offer given by the company, they can decide against selling the vehicle. Additionally, you won’t have to pay anything for the service offered by the company.

Why Sell your Cars to

We purchase vehicles of all brands, so whether you own a Nissan, Hyundai or Renault, we will inspect it thoroughly and offer a competitive price. offers a guaranteed purchase with a quick and hassle-free service. Car sellers can sell their used cars in a hassle-free manner in just 30 minutes with Cars Additionally, the entire post-sale paperwork is handled by our team. The entire car selling process has been designed to ensure the utmost comfort of car sellers whenever they need to sell their used cars in the UAE.