Get Your Used Car Professionally Evaluated

Several car sellers may find it difficult to estimate the value of their car in the used car market. It can be a challenging task for car sellers who have not had any prior experience in selling their cars. Therefore, it is important for car sellers to opt for a safe and secure platform that can help them determine the price of their used car conveniently. One of the best options available for evaluating a used car in the UAE is It offers the most advanced car evaluation service in a hassle-free manner. It calculates the potential market of your used car in just a few seconds through a quick online valuation. After the online evaluation, the seller can opt to get their car inspected by our car experts. In the next step, car sellers can choose to sell their cars directly to if they like the final offer.

Factors That Affect Car Valuation

In order to sell your car, it is important to know the current and realistic value of your car. Comparing your cars to online ads is not helpful because with so many similar listings, it may be difficult to draw one point of comparison. Similarly, a used car’s value depends on several factors such as make, model, condition, age and mileage. Moreover, there are other features such as accessories and add-ons that can add or subtract from the value of your used car. Offers Quick and Easy Car Evaluation

The car evaluation offered by is divided into two simple steps. The first orientation value is provided when you add the basic car details such as make, model, and year in the online car valuation tool on our website. It provides an estimate within a few seconds. Afterwards, you can set an appointment for the physical inspection of the vehicle by our car experts. This is the second step of car valuation where we inspect a vehicle comprehensively before offering a final price to the seller. If the seller accepts the offer, a sales agreement is signed by the seller and the company. The entire process takes as few as 30 minutes.

The payment for the used vehicle is made through electronic bank transfer after the deregistration of the vehicle. The entire post-sale paperwork is managed by our team, thus ensuring a hassle-free experience for car sellers.